Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Grade School Days

In 2008, I rashly promised to produce a DVD for our 50th reunion. It was to contain early school pictures, music, films, and all sorts of memorabilia. 

Then my life got complicated with retirement, shipping books, injury and surgery, family deaths, and publication of a first novel.

Meanwhile, technology moved on. It's now possible to post on the Web most of the contents I envisioned for the DVD.

So I begin today with an album of pictures from our Grade School Days, 1945-54. It's 21 pictures sent in by Don Arenz, Lynn Prater Chandler, Jey Schien Kramer, and Allan Stephens. The featured schools are Dubois, Hay-Edwards, Lawrence, Stuart, West Grand, and Miss Joe's Nursery.

More will follow, including the 50 pictures now in the Grade School Pictures of our '58 Album.