Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Envelope, Please

Our stalwart Committee journeyed through deep snow and bitter cold on February 25 to advance plans for our 50th Reunion in September, 2008. They made assignments for creating favors, name tags, gifts, and hosting activities. Here you see them folding letters and affixing labels to the envelopes that will soon reach your door. Be sure to write back soon and make reservations! (Click on the picture to enlarge.)

Left: John Dunn, John Brownback, Mary Houghton Elberson, Carolyn Baldwin Quinlan, Keith Schnepp. Right: Roy Borg, Janet Beardsley Johnson, Janet Frederick, C. E. Welch, Ron Wilson.

Photo: Judy Vicars Van Hagen (just visible in mirror).

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Chicago does Springfield

Ben Franklin once wrote that New Jersey is "a barrel tapped at both ends," by New York and Philadelphia, and Springfield has a similar relation to its two giant neighbors, St. Louis and Chicago. When writers from those urban centers deign to visit, they usually find only Abe Lincoln and road food.

Alan Solomon, a writer for the Chicago Tribune, has a piece in today's paper that repeats the familiar claim: visit Springfield only if you love history or the horseshoe sandwich. He invites readers to tell him what he missed. Maybe some of you can, or else enter comments here.

Where's the beef?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Eleanor Green

Eleanor Green '58 died on Tue Jan 29 in Springfield.
She was a homemaker and raised two children,
plus six grandchildren.

Memorial services are Sat Feb 11.
Details are in an obituary notice in the SJR.
Friends may sign a Guest Book there.

Eleanor's home was at 2702 South Glenwood,
but we don't know if she attended West Grand or Butler schools.
Thanks to Judy Vicars Van Hagen for this information.