Wednesday, October 07, 2009

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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Man vs Food

As I pay the fuel bill and eye my woodpile on this brisk fall eve, Champ Davis sends a brief seasonal note:

The Travel Channel will feature the Den Chili Parlor on "Man vs. Food" on Wed Oct 7 at 9 pm. Also the horseshoe sandwich at another Springfield restaurant! The preview referred to Firebrand Chili as "evil"!

Ah, chili (or chilli): nothing better than a spicy, steamy pot bubbling on the stove as cold weather returns. Check the  Travel Channel for your local schedule; mine says Fri Oct 9 at 8 pm for the Springfield show.

More evidence of spreading fame: the October issue of Gourmet magazine has a feature on horseshoe sandwiches and recommends three local restaurants.

To encourage discussion, here's a recipe for Springfield Chili at a site called Cooking Light. If you have other memories and recipes, send us a comment!