Thursday, August 25, 2005

Sunshine Betsy

OK, the West coast has nice folks, too. Recently our world traveler, Carolyn Baldwin Quinlan, visited her lifelong friend, Betsy Mylroie Yamasaki, who lives in the Avalon section of Fremont, CA, with her husband, Gene.

Betsy is a real estate broker and the past-president of her home owner's association. During her five-year stint, she maintained e-mail contact with over 200 residents, keeping them informed of news and health or safety issues.

She and Gene often rescue lost or feral dogs and cats. They work with a local vet and several foundations, saving and placing hundreds of animals. Betsy donates from her sales fees to the local Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary, and she speaks on endangered species and other environmental topics before the Fremont city council.

The Yamasaki's son and daughter live in Palo Alto and Colorado, and their six grandchildren are, in Betsy's words, "the brightest, cutest kids around." (Could any of us argue with that?) Her mother turns 91 this December. When vision problems developed, she turned to books on tape.

Betsy and Gene keep busy, and they have no plans to retire. She urges any of us who are in the San Francisco-San Jose area to give a call and come for a visit. She and Carolyn never stopped talking: "I guess that art never gets lost." She also urges everyone to read the '58 pages and "take the time to WRITE."


Anonymous said...

You two are looking great! Too bad we can't find Suzy Ott. We could get a tent and sleep in the woods -- or go to a resort and set up the tent in the room (best idea!). Looks like you had a great time together. Keeping in touch is such fun! I presume you got the message, through Will, about Jolene Barber. Hope to see you both in 2008. Hugssss, Jo

Will Howarth said...

Jo, thanks for reminding me. I told a few of the former members of Singing Seven that Jolene Barber Bates '57 died earlier this summer. She appears in the '56 Capitoline. --Will

Anonymous said...

Wow, you two look like you had a great visit, and picked right up where you left off last. It is so wonderful to maintain close friendships and relationships with our old pals. Of course this median that our great friend Will provides us is a real treat to get to stay in touch with those whom we normally don't get to regularly.

Tom Downs