Friday, February 27, 2009

Rifle Club

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A moment of memory for Rifle Club, to which I belonged for two years. We met in the basement of the old YMCA, across from the Lincoln Library. 

The above shot is 1957 and all boys, but girls belonged in other years. (Look just beyond Rod Gabel's shoulder.) 

The club had no social purpose: we rarely talked, just practiced shooting, studying the targets, and cleaning up rounds. It was a brief pastime, but memorable. Perhaps you had one like it. 

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kobes Family

Recently we caught up with Dave and Hedva Kobes, who live in Bethesda, MD. This picture is from their Thanksgiving 2007 reunion: from left to right; Dave, Solomon, Jin, Deborah, Hedva, Kim.

Dave is a budget controller with the District of Columbia OCFO Office of Budget and Planning. He's been there about two years. He works very hard, likes the people, and is pleased with some of the changes he has been able to make.  

Solomon, his wife Kim, and son Jin (age 4 1/2) live in Chapel Hill NC, where Solomon has a private social work practice and Kim works parttime for Nextel.  They are planning to move to a nearby green community organized around a work/home model.

After 18 years in nonprofit education, 5 years ago Hedva became the manager of her brother's cardiology practice. To her surprise, she loves the work and hopes he does not retire anytime soon.

Deborah is at MIT writing her dissertation, teaching, and working with one of her advisors on several projects (including drafting White House policy suggestions that have been very well received).  As an early Obama supporter and a very dedicated urban policy person, she is excited to have an impact. 

Do you have a recent family picture? Please send me a copy with some news. All bragging rights are condoned.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lincoln Day

Big excitement in Springfield today:
200th anniversary of Lincoln's birth.
Visit and speech by President Obama.
Landing of Air Force One at Capitol Airport.
All details, and video, at the SJR site.
See also pictures here.

Thanks to Judi Dunkel Headrick for the heads-up.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Boat House

A story in the SJR today reports that the Washington Park lagoon will once again have a boat house, thanks to an anonymous half-million dollar donation.

Designed by famed landscape architect Jens Jensen, the boathouse was built in 1914 and stood until the 1960s, when it was torn down.

I remember ice-skating on the lagoon in the 1950s. We went into the boat house to warm up by a pot-bellied stove and sip hot cocoa provided by the Girl Scouts, at five cents a cup.

But that building was on the south side of the lagoon and it was shingle-style, all closed in. This postcard drawing may be of an earlier boat house, built in 1903.

Do you remember the boat house, the concession stand and natural spring, the riding stables west of the park? So do the commenters on the SJR story.