Saturday, August 06, 2005

Almost Home

Judi Dunkel Headrick has retired from her career in the Illinois Department of Public Health and now devotes much volunteer time to the Almost Home Dachshund Rescue Society.

This national organization has rescued hundreds of "doxies" from euthanasia and placed them in loving homes. Besides adoption, the Society also arranges for financial and medical aid for dogs with serious illnesses. Judi helps by interviewing adoptive families, providing transport, and making handcrafts for auction on eBay to raise funds.

Judi's three "puppers" (l-r) Molly (2), Missy (6), and Maggie (1) are the silky, long-haired variety. Originally bred in Germany, these "badger hounds" have short legs and long bodies made for digging into burrows. They are intelligent and frisky, making them good house pets and companions.

Judi's cat, Cascee, tolerates the trio well, even when Mom is away on her rescue trips or visits to country concerts. If you want to adopt a dog or help the AHRS, get in touch with Judi or visit the Web site. To see which pups need help, or have been helped, visit the Help or Sanctuary pages.

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