Saturday, April 11, 2009


Happy Spring, Solstice, Passover, Easter. 
Easter, what an odd word. 
In most languages, the name of this 
spring festival descends from the 
Hebrew word for Passover: Pesach.

Pascha: Greek
Pascha: Latin 
Pascua: Spanish
Pasqua: Italian
Pascoa: Portuguese
Pasen: Dutch
Paske: Danish
Paske: Norwegian
Pask: Swedish

Even the Welsh, Cornish, and Bretons
say Pasg or Pask.
Only the English have Easter.
It comes from Anglo-Saxon
and names a goddess, Eastre
who appears every April
to warm the skies and
make the flowers bloom.

Whatever your beliefs
Or how you say it,
It's a good time to celebrate
the return of life and light
after a long, dark season.

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