Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Barbershop Senators

I don't imagine anyone but Springfield locals can get to this event tonight, but it's the inaugural concert of the Barbershop Senators, a new male singing group that probably complements the famous Singing Seven.

In our day, Margaret Hausen formed a "Boys Double Quartette" and the only two names I can recall now are Fred Konrad as bass and Joe Hill as first tenor. The group is listed in our '57 yearbook but not the '58. Anyone recall the names and history of that group? Please add comments below.

And yes, that's the way the Capitoline spelled "Quartet" in 1957!


Anonymous said...


I believe the following were in the Singing Senators but I won't bet money on it as I am getting somewhat forgetful.

Joe Hill, Fred Konrad, Floyd Walgren, Bob Hails, Tom Downs, Bob Wicks, myself plus one more.

Tom Brosch

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,

In the '58 Capitoline on page 105 is a picture of a large group entitled The Singing Senators, and there was the other smaller group whose name must not have been The Singing Senators. Was Jack Billington in the smaller group? In the 1956 Capitoline there is a picture of The Boys' Quartet with Phil Heacock, Glenn Wyatt, Fred Konrad and Joe Hill. (pg 131).
That is about all I can come up with at this point.

Hope your Holidays are being great. My two daughters have been home for about a week and it has been wonderful, for sure. One has to return to California today and the other one go back on New Year's Day.

Judy Van Hagen