Monday, August 15, 2011

'58 Dinners in Springfield

Hi '58s:

On the 4th Thursday of each month, a group of the '58 SHS girls get together and have dinner at a nice restaurant here in Springfield. There were 11 of us the last time, including one husband: John Maloney, who graduated with us also. He comes with his wife, Donna Haycraft Maloney. 

I am attaching a picture from our "outing" at the Old Luxemburg Inn on July 28th for the blog. It is blurry, but you can see when it is enlarged, who all is there. 

Picture: From the nearest person on the right and going back around the table:  Dottie Huddleston Fitzgerald, Connie King Mohan, Betty Klecamp England, Kris Hockenyos Tipps, Janet Bailey Kerner, Mary Houghton Elberson, Donna Haycraft Maloney, John Maloney, Marilyn Markwell Ruch, Diane Smith (Bill) Hester (Carole Crouch Ball was not present for the picture, but did come later).  

We are open for any other 58'ers who wish to join us. Just call or email me or Carole. Phone numbers are in the latest red book from 50th reunion and current email addresses are on the SHS site. We don't turn SHS guys away as you can see by John attending our "get together" dinners. He enjoys the group as much as we do. 

Janet Kerner

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Unknown said...

Would love to join you sometime. I know several of you.

Suzi Lee Boyd
4101 Camomile Ln.
Springfield, IL 62711