Sunday, March 08, 2009

John Sowinski

John Sowinski, pictured here in our 1958 yearbook, died from a heart attack on Saturday, March 7 in Springfield. He was 78.
Sowinski attended St. Patrick High in Chicago, served in the Marines, and earned a B.S. and M.S. in education from Eastern Illinois University.
He joined the SHS faculty in 1956, teaching history and economics in the Social Science department. He coached tennis and was assistant coach in football, for coach Willard Duey. Sowinski served as head football coach in 1962-78. He had 9 winning seasons and a career record of 76-69-8.
He then became manager of field service in the State Employees Retirement System. After retirement in 1987 he worked as a coaching assistant at Sacred Heart-Griffin for 22 years.
Among city coaches, Sowinski holds the fourth best-winning record and positions in two sports Halls of Fame, for Springfield and the state of Illinois. For a full story, see today's SJR.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to read about John Sowinski. Remember how we girls swooned over him? I had my 15 min. of fame because he rented an apartment from my grandparents when he first moved to Springfield. As I remember, Gram was very taken with him too. He was not only a good coach, he was an admirable person as well.


charlie skeels said...

In 1954 Bill roellig was head varsity coach,Willard Dewey was his assist. & J. V. coach & John Sowinski started as freshman coach & assist J. V..
Joe Manuele & I were in his world history class that year. the next year roellig retired, dewey became head coach, sowinski assist. hiligos j. v. coach & tozer freshman coach.
As a teacher & coach he was out standing, he captured your attentionon and off the football field he was a great teacher, coach, and friend. he will be sadly missed.