Friday, October 17, 2008

Save SHS

The Vinegar Hill Association in Springfield is organizing a drive to rebuild/expand SHS at its present site, the corner of Lewis and Adams streets.

The Association has a website where residents of District 186 may download a form, fill it in, and send it to members of the School Board. (Too bad school alumni can't respond!)

The Board is considering a proposal to relocate SHS west to Koke Mill Road. The old building would become a fine arts or technical academy and also administrative headquarters.

Vinegar Hill is the area directly west of downtown. The VHA is devoted to preserving and protecting its historic character. If you grew up in that area, you might like to join the Association for a mere $10 in dues.


Anonymous said...

Who knew? I grew up in Vinegar Hill on Capital Ave. The kids from St. Agnes school used to harrass Phyllis Rising and I on our walk home from Hay-Edwards. It could get scary; I got hit in the eye with an iceball one memorable day. I remember summer weddings at St. Agnes when they would leave the front doors open and I could look right down the aisle from my grandparents' front steps. (We lived one block away.) It was a beautiful neighborhood to grow up in. Lots of memories.


Will Howarth said...


Nice set of memories. The VHA has a History link that leads to several newsletters about the neighborhood. One of the most interesting is on the origin of the name, Vinegar Hill, bestowed by its Irish residents. They might explain the presence of St. Agnes, too.



Anonymous said...

What to do with an "old" building? OMG! States should figure out that "old" is good and can be refurbished to suit new needs. Europe has the right idea! Of course Europe builds to last forever.


Anonymous said...

Those classmates who attended the 50th Reunion where they received their Red Class Book and those who have ordered the book will find the history of Springfield High School in the book. Interesting reading and will bring you up to date about then and now.

Judy Vicars Van Hagen