Saturday, August 30, 2008

Reunion Reservations 6

Reservations as of 8/27/08

Adams, Charlie
Ankeny, Jo (Lindamood)
Arenz, Don and Sydney

Bailey, Janet (Kerner)
Baldwin, Carolyn (Quinlan)
Barnosky, Bob and Jo
Beardsley, Janet and David Johnson
Blazis, John and Martie
Bluhm, Ray and Tena
Borg, Roy and Reta
Britz, Ruth and Tom Waymire
Brosch, Tom and Beverly
Brownback, John and Connie
Bruce, Bill and Diep
Bruce, Bonnie (Baker)
Brydges, Tom and Ellen
Burge, Lynda and Carrell Moss
Burnett, Gerald

Carmody, Mary
Carroll, Denny and Peggy
Carter, Bob and Sarah
Casper, Peter and Tavie
Castles, Sandra (Skeeters)
Chilovich, Ella Mae
Crouch, Carole (Ball)

Davis, Champ and Jan
Davis, Nancy (Henrichs)
de St. Jean, Sandra (Taylor)
Dunn, John and Sandy

Ebers, Joe and Shery
Eickhoff, Don and Marge
Ervin, Susan
Evans, Marilyn and Roger Bidwell

Flamm, Pat and Dave Crowner
Fleischli, George
Frederick, Janet
Fromm, Nancy (Gates)
Funk, Kim  (Friday night only)

Giuffre, Jan (Sables)  (Friday night only)
Green, Shirley and Frank Canavit
Gurgens, Diane and Al Urbanckas

Haake, Warren and Gwen
Hails, Bob and Vicki
Harmon, Chuck and Mary Ann
Heineke, Leslie and Bob Sandlin
Hill, Joe and Carrie
Hockenyos, Kris (Tipps)
Holman, Andy and Vera
Houghton, Mary and Charles Elberson
Huddleston, Dorothy and Tom Fitzgerald
Hyndman, Harry and Kathleen

Irwin, Bill and Peggy Royce

Jabusch, Larry and Mary
Jones, Juanita and Hamilton

Kennedy, Alan and Miriam
Klekamp, Betty (England)
Krueger, Liz (James)
Kuntzman, Herman  (Friday night only)
Kwedar, Steve and Becky

Lance, Ruth and Sam Gore
Leasman, Wilma  (Friday night only)
Lee, Suzanne (Boyd)
Leonard, Lee and Vicki Moody
Linxwiler, John and Anne
Lynn, Darlene (Klemaier)

Manuele, Joe
Markwell, Marilyn (Ruch)
Mason, DeeDee and Clay Wood
Matlack, Jack and Marilyn
Maulding, Beverly and David Berry
McCoy, Judy (Freeman)
McGaw, Judy and Tom Lewis
Means, Joyce (Pardue)
Meyerstein, Arnold and Jeri
Millhon, Jerry
Murphy, Sandra (McCool)

Oehler, Dale and Sharon
Owens, Bob and Carolyn

Pavlock, Jerry
Pearson, Mary and Hal Perkins
Peterson, Libbie and Charlie Britton
Plain, Albie  (Friday night only)
Prater, Lynn (Chandler)

Schein, Jey and Paul Kramer
Schnepp, Keith and Judy
Schroeder, Carol (Taylor)
Seppi, Vic and Joann
Shewmaker, Bob and Pam
Spengler, Phil and Polly
Stapleton, John and Nancy
Stein, Pat and Richard McPheters
Stephens, Allan
Stuckey, John and Linda

Taylor, Jim
Thomas, Stan and Mary
Tietz, Sharon and Jack Paine
Tinsley, Elizabeth and Steve Alexander
Tobin, Ann and Richard Hart
Tomek, Sally (Sahin)
Tozer, Clif

Vicars, Judy (Van Hagen)
Vespa, Chuck

Welch, CE and Joleen
Wicks, Bob and Glenda
Wike, Scott and Linda
Willi, Darlene (Guerin)
Wilson, Ron and Rita   

Yarbrough, John


Anonymous said...

So glad to see Alby Plain will be there. Wish I could be there too to see him. He was very understanding of a very non-athletic girl who dreaded gym class.


Anonymous said...

At last the big SHS 50th Reunion weekend is here! We are so excited about the wonderful turn out that is expected. We will miss those who, for one reason or another, could not join in the the festivities. I know we will all be taking lots of pictures to share on the blog. Some Classmates have already started arriving here in Springfield, some are enroute and everyone is looking forward to a great 50th Reunion!!
Judy Vicars Van Hagen