Friday, April 18, 2008

Reunion Reservations 1

Pictures and reservations are starting to arrive. Above are Don and Sydney Arenz, somewhere in France. They also lead the list of 50th Reunion reservations as of 4/18/08:

Arenz, Don and Sydney

Bailey, Janet (Kerner)

Baldwin, Carolyn (Quinlan)

Beardsley, Janet and David Johnson

Blazis, John and Martie

Brownback, John and Connie

de St. Jean, Sandra (Taylor)

Dunn, John and Sandy

Frederick, Janet

Gurgens, Diane and Al Urbanckas

Houghton, Mary and Charles Elberson

Lee, Suzanne (Boyd)

McGaw, Judy and Tom Lewis

Meyerstein, Arnold and Jeri

Morrison, Jack and Caroline

Owens, Bob and Carolyn

Pearson, Mary and Hal Perkins

Prater, Lynn (Chandler)

Stuckey, John and Linda

Tietz, Sharon and Jack Paine

Tobin, Ann and Richard Hart

Vicars, Judy (Van Hagen)

Vespa, Chuck

Wicks, Bob and Glenda

Willi, Darlene

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