Saturday, March 29, 2008

Send Us Pictures

Reunion Committee folk will be calling soon,
to urge you to make reservations,
send in payment,
and also your pictures.
Here are the pictures we need,
and thanks to Don Arenz for lending us his.
(Click on pix to enlarge).

1. A portrait of your high school self.
We will use the Capitoline,
but if you have a favorite,
send that instead.

2. A portrait of your present self.
One with other folks is fine,
but please choose a good one of you.

3. Any thing you have from the good old days.
Grade or high school, 1945-1958.

Summing up,
Portraits: send to Keith
Oldies: send to Will

For instructions on how to scan or send pictures,
see the last page of the Reunion packet.

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