Sunday, July 01, 2007

Joe Magro

We have just learned the sad news that Joe Magro died two years ago in Alton, Illinois. He was nearly 65 and had been retired for 10 years. With the help of Libbie Peterson Britton, Judy Van Hagen and CE Welch, we located the following obituary text from the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

Joseph Magro, a retired teacher in Alton, died June 30, 2005, of cancer at Alton Memorial Hospital in Alton. He was 64 and lived in Godfrey.

Mr. Magro was born in Springfield, Ill., and graduated from Springfield High School in 1958. He received a bachelor's degree in biology and a master's in education, both from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Mr. Magro was an educator for more than 25 years at JB Johnson Career Development Center in Alton. He served in many capacities at the center, such as librarian and head of the television studio. Mr. Magro was also a longtime sponsor of the school's drama club. He retired in the mid-1990s.

While at the center, Mr. Magro taught night art classes at Lewis and Clark Community College in Godfrey for about 12 years.

In his spare time, Mr. Magro raised orchids and won numerous awards. He also enjoyed designing stained glass, martial arts and line dancing, in which he had several choreographed dances patented.

Mr. Magro is survived by a sister, Joanne J. Rockwood of Gainesville, Fla.

A memorial service was held at the Rose Garden Restaurant and Banquet Center in Alton.

Memorials to the Lewis and Clark Community College Foundation, Magro Art Scholarship Fund, Erickson 211, 5800 Godfrey Road, Godfrey, Ill., 62035; or the American Cancer Society, No. 5 Schiber Court, Maryville, Ill., 62062.


Anonymous said...

An odd coincidence: Lewis and Clark Community College is the school that used to be Monticello College where I went to prep school. The beautiful park-like campus with big stone buildings used to look a lot like Mount Holyoke but now has several modern buildings and a huge theater as well. I had no idea Joe Magro was in the area when I was there last. Sorry to hear of his death.

Barbara Edmiston Mitchell

Will Howarth said...

Hi Barbara,

An interesting coincidence. My sister, Sue, lived in Godfrey for several years and is today in Alton. I've seen the gates to Monticello College many times.

Joe Magro Joe was a true adventurer. He had a license to fly hot-air balloons and was a master country line-dancer, who invented and patented dances like "Snap Button." In the 8th grade prophecy from Hay Edwards, he is cited as the discoverer of King Solomon's Mines. I enjoyed talking to him at Reunions because he always had something new to say.

Be well, everyone.


Anonymous said...

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