Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Web Videos

We 58s are plenty computer-literate, as evidenced by our directory of e-mail users, and the frequent notes we send pointing to jokes, cards, or Web sites. The new hot item of exchange: links to web videos, short films that run directly in a browser.

Janet Frederick sent one that tickled her, as a librarian: It's in Norwegian, with English subtitles, but its humor is universal.

Another video link came from Bill Ice, of a dazzling performance at the Edinburgh Tattoo by the Swiss Army Drum Corps.

And Ted Leach '60 sent one that smiles at "senior moments," the Remember Song by Tom Rush.

The main Web video sites are Google Video, YouTube, and LiveVideo. You'll find thousands of video clips on every topic, including this set on Springfield. If you have a favorite clip or site, please tell us in a comment.

(No one we know; I just liked the picture.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video sites. The monks and the song are hilarious. I sent them on to all my 60ish friends and one 49 year old who would forget her head if it wasn't securely attached. I've always wanted to go to the Tattoo in Edinburgh; now thanks to Bill, I'm just dying to go. That drum corps is amazing! All in all, very entertaining stuff.

Barbara Mitchell

Will Howarth said...

Hi Barbara,

I'm glad you enjoyed them. They can be great time-wasters, but sometimes I find useful ones to show in my classes, too. We were discussing Matthiessen's THE SNOW LEOPARD last fall and a lot of questions arose about Buddhist monasteries. So I found some clips of monks chanting, way up in the Himalayas. We felt as though we were there!