Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Personal Transporter

Diane and Al Urbanckas spent the winter in Florida, where recently they had a visit from her son, Ross Taylor. Together they went to Mount Dora to get acquainted with the Segway, known also as a personal transporter.

The Segway is two-wheeled and self-balancing. You move by leaning forward, backward, or sideways, and the machine follows. It's designed for journeys of under five miles, say to the store or around the golf course.

Our intrepid travelers put on helmets, got about 10 minutes of practice, and headed outside for a journey: down an alley, over railway tracks, and into a park. They moved along dirt paths and boardwalks, but Diane saw mostly roots and moss. At one point, Al failed to scale a brick wall. At the end they posed for the above shot, and all want to do it again.

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