Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas in Germany

I received this season's greeting from Lee Lochbaum, who has lived in Germany for the past six years. Lee taught English in the USA for three decades and is now happily retired. He has vivid memories of his Midwest days and enjoys reading from afar our '58 website and blog.

Dear '58s,

This past week in Dresden, the capital of Saxony, I attended the 572nd Striezelmarkt and enjoyed the traditional food, sights, and sounds of Germany´s premier Christmas Market.

Of the 2,500 + Markets listed as "official" across the country, this one is the Striezel (old German for stollen) Market. Despite wars and devastating bombings, the bakers of Dresden baked the best stollen, now known the world over. The word stollen means the swaddling of Christ (hence the shape of the loaf). Its full name is Christstollen.

Another symbol of the season is the Pflaumentoffel, the Saxon word for chimney sweep. Pflaumen means plums and Toffel has an uncertain meaning. In many homes, these toy figures decorate baskets of fruit, including plums and prunes.

As well as its 572nd Market, this year Dresden celebrates its 800th anniversary as a registered city. I lived there for nearly three years and found Dresden to be a grand, Saxon-proud town that has always shown its determination to endure!

Ich w√ľnsche Ihnen ein Frohes Weihnachtsfest und einen guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr 2007 aus Dresden Deutschland!

(I wish you a Merry Christmas and a good slide into the 2007 New Year from Dresden, Germany!)

Peace on earth! Lee Lochbaum, EXPAT


Anonymous said...

Wow - you really feel strongly about this subject don't you? Take it easy - no need to get all wound up...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing! Sure has been a long time since our HP days!!! Mrs. Heiden would have loved to have had a taste of the stollen. Sehr gut! Best wishes!!
Janet B

Ferran Porta said...

Hi! I just happened to see your blog, stopped by, read a bit of it and... couldn't believe it when I saw this post about Dresden!
I am from Barcelona but have been to Dresden some 4 times in less that 2 years, ever since I discovered the city in August '05. Wonderful town! I'll be back next Easter :-)
Just wanted to explain and say Hi!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lee! It's Akiko Baldridge here, the halfjapanese hamburger! We met in Hamburg this summer during one of the Scrabble Meetups. Anyway, I lost your phone number and am finally back in Germany after three months in California. I am trying to find you via Google, which feels a bit like I'm stalking you! He he he. It's nice to see you blogging about beautiful Dresden and yummy Stollen! Call or e-mail me if you read this comment!

Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon

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