Monday, October 23, 2006

More Caddie

The Caddie Woodlawn picture stirred Barbara Edmiston Mitchell to go rummaging in her scrap albums, and up came two more shots of the Hay-Edwards 8th grade play. (Click on the pictures to enlarge.)

Above, left to right: Margaret Stanford, Nancy McBrian, Jim Rollman, Beverly Scott, Connie King, Ray Defrates, Mary Houghton, and Sandra Lott.

Above, left to right: Jim Rollman, Ray Defrates, Margaret Stanford, Connie King, Judy McCoy, Charles Lutes, Beverly Scott, Mary Houghton and Sandra Lott.

Several members of the school orchestra are watching avidly. Only allowed in a dress rehearsal? Thanks to Barbara for the pictures and names.


Anonymous said...

My poor old beleagured brain just came up with a name for the boy in the picture who is next to Judy McCoy. I believe it's Charles Lutz although I could very well be wrong. It's been a long, long time.

Barbara Edmiston Mitchell

Will Howarth said...

Hi Barbara,

Thanks for the correction. That would be Charles Lutes, who later married Beverly Scott '58. I have posted the change.


Suz said...

Yes, I knew immediately that 2 who were pictured were Charlie Lutes & Bev Scott, both of whom have passed on. The play ran 2 nights w/2 different casts. I was in it on Fri. night, & Bev played the same part as I did on Sat. night. We shared the costume. I played flute in the orchestra, so, therefore, attended both events. Miss Mullet wanted everyone in both 8th grades to be able to participate. Margaret Stanford & Ruth Lance played the same part. What fun being reminded of those days, crazy as they were.

Suzi Lee Boyd

Will Howarth said...

Suzi (above) and Judy and Carolyn (via e-mail) have confirmed that the Beverly Maulding in the pictures is actually Beverly Scott. She later married Charlie Lutes, and now both are, alas, among our deceased classmates. Thanks to all for the corrections. --Will