Saturday, April 15, 2006

Spring Greetings

Happy Passover, Easter, and Spring! These Ukrainian eggs, pysanky, are a colorful tradition in parts of central Canada and the USA. Wherever you are, have a pleasant holiday weekend with good weather and gatherings of friends and family.

Harriett and Rom Sidoli sent a lively animated Easter greeting card for all '58s to enjoy, and Yvonne and Bob Beveridge forwarded memories of life in the 50s, when we survived so many hazards, such as blue cheese dressing, lead-based paint, no bike helmets or air bags, and playing outdoors! Happy Spring to all, and may we have many more.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing! I think of Miss Teague many times when trying to come up with little projects for the grandchildren. Think painting a lap board might be next on the agenda!! How blessed we were at little old Harvard Park!!! Janet B

Anonymous said...

Right you are Janet about being blessed at old HPS with Miss Teagel and the others. Remember the papermache (sp.?) dolls contest with painted faces and clothes and all in the Art classes?

Tom D.